Grae Marino Featured at East Hollywood Pictures


Grae Marino this week's Featured Talent at East Hollywood Pictures


Ye of Little Faith the movie RELEASED


Ye of Little Faith the movie RELEASED

A film and gift created by a daughter, inspired by her mother’s amazing love and wisdom. In acknowledgment of a beloved and missed father. That carries an inspirational message for all.

Synopsis: Struggling with pain both emotionally and physically, Charlotte becomes lost and feels as if God has abandoned her, but through the love and wisdom of her mother, Dorothy, and the caring of her best friend, Jackie and a prayer group. Charlotte finds the hope and strength to smile again.

Starring: Grae Marino, Krystle McMullan, Wendell Kinney, Avis-Marie Barnes (as the voice of Dorothy), Kelly Weaver, Bonnie Cobb, Meka, Mina Ownlee, Amy Rinaldo, MaKaylee Rinaldo, Mike Horne, Courtney Renee, and Isabel De La Cruz


Ye of Little Faith (Official Trailer)


Ye of Little Faith (Official Trailer)

Official trailer has finally been released for Ye of Little Faith!

A short film made by Grae Marino, as a dedication to her mother for her unconditional love, patience, and encouragement throughout her life. Ye of Little Faith is a story of a young mother and wife (Charlotte), who struggles through pain, loneliness, and the thought that God has abandoned her. Through her mother’s wisdom, her best friend, and the welcoming arms of a prayer group, Charlotte regains hope and new friendships that are an uplifting force just like that of her mother’s and God’s love.

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Dreams do not materialize by skill & hope alone, hope creates a path, courage sets things in motion, determination propels motivation, choice determines direction, and your amount of belief, passion, persistence, and strength in each of them gets you to a destination. You have all the tools you need, where are you going to go?

Grae supports Awareness


A fan made video to show Grae support awareness  and to help promote awareness for many causes, as we all know it is part of being human and the need to support and inform others on important issues that makes can make a difference for all types of causes. No matter if it is for Autism, Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Safety and Security, regardless of the subject, we all deserve to know in order to better assist or protect our families and others, and the World. Even if it is just a little bit at a time.

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The Fool


The Fool

“I’m awake”…but yet, I seem to be falling, falling fast into
an endless dream

The stars above gleaming brightly, individually, as if
giving me a path that was written in the skies for me to follow

The moon burning bright, steadily stalking me, as if to
shout out, “I am here too.” pining for my attention.

My journey upon the silver sands beneath my feet in this
ceaseless of sky, comes to a halt when up ahead in the distance I see a shadow
darting behind a tree

The stars are guiding me to it, yet the moon, begs me to
stay focused on it, my mind hazy and curious from not knowing if this is real or just a fantasy

“I’m awake”, I tell myself, but still I am not certain and
my questioning mind gets the best of me

The Moon begs even louder this time “TURN YOUR EYES UNTO ME


Even though my head is telling me to listen, my heart says


THUS, my foolishness gets the best of me.

The fool I am continues to say “I’m awake,” as I get closer
and closer to the shadow before me well hidden in the small forest just ahead,

A calm breeze blows through, as if giggling at my inanity

As I soon happen upon the edge of the patch of a forest,
when the shadow reaches out for me and I begin to scream “I’M AWAKE!”

Suddenly, my eyes snap to and I can see the truth as to what is really happening, although it is too late, as I am already in the midst of stepping….right off the edge….of a cliff

Copyright © Grae 2011

We’ll Get By (The Autism Song) By the Johnny Orr Band


We’ll Get By (The Autism Song) By the Johnny Orr Band

WOW, so last night my dear friend, Maria Young (the mom in the video) tagged me in a song that I needed to hear. I have two sons on the Autism Spectrum, one with PDD and the other with Aspergers. They are brilliant boys who are talented, energetic, funny, loving, and quirky, but as any special needs parent knows, times can also be very heavy on the mind, heart, and more for both the parent and especially the child. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is so easy to forget how they are affected by their autism and how much they truly understand when communicating with them, and even the most well trained and patient of caretakers, teachers, and parents struggle to help them. The most important thing is that we don’t give up on them and give our best to them at ALL TIMES and just show them tremendous amounts of LOVE.

The first time I heard the song, I was left speechless, but the second time I heard the song with the house empty, the floodgates burst open. Singer Johnny Orr and his band completely captivated my heart with lyrics that could very well come from the mouths of the world’s autistic children, I thank him for using his voice and talent for them. The video was beautiful and I would like to take a second and both Thank and Congratulate the Johnny Orr Band, the director Samantha Murphy, the cast Maria Young and Jeffrey Cernese for supporting awareness for Autism, and the incredibly touching job on the song and video!! This parent appreciates this so very much!!!