That Feeling


Did you ever get that feeling? You know the one where you feel like you have finally figured out your purpose, you’re calm, happy, and believe that everything will be ok? Then suddenly things start to go wrong one by one your car won’t start, you lose a friend or family member, your job, & your life is churning out the perfect lyrics to a country song. You then have a choice to make, you can either become depressed and lose hope or you can be patient with yourself and realize that “this too shall pass” and carry on. See, how you take and react to what is happening around or to you is what defines you for others. You can either show them you are weak and easily come apart at the seams, or you can inspire them with your strength, joy, and faith even when nothing seems to be going right. That feeling will become a more permanent and infectious part of your life.

Just smile, it confuses people.


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