Actress, Writer, and Director Grae, shares with us the story of the woman behind the woman who inspired her first film “Ye of Little Faith.”


Ye of Little Faith is a fascinating story of renewed faith and friendship, but this story has another meaning that Grae was kind enough to share in an email interview that we will share with you.

Em: Hello Grae. Thank you for your time.

Grae: Hello and absolutely, thank you for asking me.

Em: Please tell us more about the inspiration for your film “Ye of Little Faith.”

Grae: My inspiration for the film came from my mother. I was brought up in a loving Christian home and bad influences and choices got to me. I had gone through so many issues, but the one thing that remained a constant thing for me was my mother’s love, forgiveness, and prayer. She is my best friend, I tell her everything. She has gone through all of this with me and did not know how to help me but it turned out that she did.

Em: Tell us more about your mom, what was it like growing up with her?

Grae: She is such a loving, and caring, joyful person! There was always bible study and music throughout the house. She is bubbly and sweet and many people to this day reach out to her for prayer and uplifting. She has been blind since she was two and a half and never let that stop her. SHE’S JUST INCREDIBLE! I strive to be like her in her strength of belief in our faith, happiness, and the way she loves and how it radiates from her. 

Em: She sounds like a beautiful soul!

Grae: She truly is.

Em: So how did you tie this in to your film? And when will we get to see it?

Grae: Well, each of the female characters aside from my character Charlotte, are symbolic of her love, guidance, faith, and desire to pull me through my worst moments. I don’t think I could have found a better group of women to portray this. The film will be released on May 22nd which would have been my father’s birthday.

Em: I’m looking forward to this. Thank you so much for sharing.

Grae: Of course, anytime.

You can watch Ye of Little Faith The Movie here.Image


E. Jacobson


Ye of Little Faith the movie



Ye of Little Faith the movie

I am embarking upon a journey to create my first film, it is a short film that I am dedicating to my mother for her years of selflessness, love, forgiveness, patience, and her unfailing faith in Christ that I believe has kept me alive to this day!  So this film will be about how her love and the beliefs she has raised me with has helped make me the person I am today. It is a thank you to her for everything she is and does and continues to do for me and my siblings everyday. Forever, uplifting her love has set me soaring!


Charlotte is a woman that is daily tormented with pain emotionally, physically, and spiritually, who seems to feel God has given up on her and later finds that he has been there all along and that all she needed to do was ASK for help in her circumstances, SEEK the Lord out, and KNOCK at his door and he would be lovingly waiting on the other side. Through her mother, best friend, and a prayer group she is shown love everlasting and acceptance and given hope.



Wild Horses

I once spent the best part of spring out in the beautiful desserts of New Mexico. There were miles of sand and cacti and pretty bushes, and great mountains that plateau. The mountains were grand and of multi-colored tan, browns, and reds too. There were places that had fields and there were also those that were barren but with scattered foliage. Some of the cacti were tall with bold blooms and others were small and modest. I was very excited to be there in the South West.

I was going to visit a long time pen pal named Jen. Her family lives in Placitas, New Mexico. When I first saw her home, I was taken aback. Jen lived on a ranch where they cared for and bred wild, sick or wounded, and expecting horses. I was thrilled to be there, because back in Virginia, we had a stable too. However, Jen’s home was an authentic Western-style ranch. I listened to Jen’s mother explain all the tasks around the ranch that Jen was expected to do. I decided immediately that I would help her, especially when I heard that one of the ponies there had a broken leg, and a bad eye which was almost healed. I would be helping Jen take care of the horses and apply medicine to the pony’s eye and re-bandage it.

After getting a tour of the ranch, I chose to show Jen some pictures of our land, house, and horses back home. She was in awe just like I had been, when I first saw her home and surroundings. My home in Virginia is a Victorian Style house, my roof had a peak and triangular shape to it; but the homes here in New Mexico were just like the mountains tall and flat-topped. But even with the differences I realized that a home is a home, as long as your family is there.

The next day Jen and I woke up very early; it was very cold as if winter was setting in. Jen then told me that this is how the desert was, blistering hot in the day and frigidly cold at night and in the early morning. I walked over to the stall where the young pony lay; I must have startled her because she snorted sharply once she saw me. Jen came over with a basket of bandages and ointments and eye drops, and put it down beside me, then asked me to help calm the pony. She then told me that they normally do not name the horses here because they are returned to the wild. But Jen gave this pony the name Cypress, and I thought it was pretty.

Over the next few days, I begin to miss home a little bit, but instead of getting homesick, I worked with Cypress to help her get used to walking on her bad leg. I became quite fond of her, and gave her plenty of attention. Jen and I helped a lot around the ranch; I even helped to deliver a foal. Later Jen asked me if I wanted to go exploring. It was great, I was able to see Bald eagles and sidewinding snakes and even interesting lizards, we had lizards in Virginia but they were much smaller than the little ones back home, and at night I even heard a couple coyotes howling, as I began to become much more curious, I had to realize that soon it would be time for me to go home. I didn’t want to leave Jen and Cypress.

The morning of my last day here, I ate breakfast and followed Jen outside. I ran at full-speed all the way to the stable, but Cypress wasn’t there, I then looked for and found her prancing around the corral. When she saw me, she galloped toward the fence. Jen’s mom came outside and started to hitch up a trailer to their jeep. I asked them what was going on, and Jen told me that they were doing a release today and invited me to come along. Then, it dawned on me that Cypress was going home.

The whole ride there to the land where she roamed, I kept my eyes fixed on hers through the little windows in the trailer. When the truck came to a stop, I almost started to cry. I watched as Jen’s mother pulled Cypress out of the trailer and around the side of the truck where I stood. Jen’s mother clipped a pink tag into Cypress’ ear, and handed me an apple and left the bridle in my hands as she and Jen stroked Cypress’ mane and walked away. I looked up at Cypress, hugged her neck tightly, and then fed her the apple and pet her. She neighed softly and nudged my face with her nose. I began undoing the reins, hugged her again, and then I heard a most incredible thundering sound and beneath my feet the Earth shook. Out in a field, dust was kicked up greatly and I saw about 12 wild horses running fast and free. I kissed my dear friend Cypress’ nose, ran my hand down the length of her, and gave her a good smack on her bottom and sent her storming away, and just like that, she was back with her family once again.

By: Grae Marino

Copyright © 2012

To the Child that Inspired Me and The Woman that She Grew to Be


To the Child that Inspired Me and The Woman that She Grew to Be

My Heart cannot even express how much it hurts today, when I found out that your amazing flame has gone out and you were on your way

On your way home to rest in peace one of the last bits of purity in the world, once a rounded faced precious cherub with a head full of soft curls

You brought happiness to millions when there was none in sight, your talent was intoxicating but the light you shared was more bright

A natural you were so caring and so free, I remember when I first watched you I was probably only 3

My father propped me on his lap and gave me a little kiss, I would laugh when you gave a pout and say “Daddy, I want to do this.”

I want to make people smile and brighten up their day, I want to use my talents to make everything ok

The passion was always there but you brought it out of me, with every little flick of your wrist and that dimple in your cheek

So happy you can still inspire many, even though you have reach your final stop, you are on your way home and never alone on the Good Ship Lollipop

You grew into a wonderful woman your compassion utterly flawless, for me it just wasn’t about the young you I really thought you were the best (still do)

I know millions feel this way to each of us you were something much more, but now we say “goodnight” to your life’s brilliant light
As you continue to soar…

You will be TERRIBLY MISSED. Thank you for giving this once small child a hope and passion that burns so deeply. Thank you for the memories of my father watching you with me. Thank you for the inspiration of your determination and strength when the World turned its back on you and carrying on with a smile on your face during everything you do. Thank you for being a beacon of happiness, integrity, and pure kindness. No one will ever be able to compare.

Sleep Peacefully Mrs. Shirley Temple (Black)




In a daze, left numb from an aching heart

As the last of the hurt leaves me



Is ringing loud, and from the world I slowly depart 

While all the things that used to, no longer please me



They say it heals all wounds

But I know better than to believe them



Gained can enhance a life’s tune

But when its lost, one can become unhemmed



Crying so much that tears could cause a monsoon?

Reclaim your dreams and then……realize…


Even though you may be FROZEN within ugly TRUTHS, I urge you not to lose FAITH in you

Life will move on and in TIME you’ll be strong, and you will learn who are by what you do

Hold your head high, wipe the tears from your eyes and take part in your life’s REDEMPTION

And when you know you are right don’t be afraid to fight, or make heard your every contention

Copyright © Grae 1999



No one truly knows how much this means to me, when I was younger I destroyed my life and everything I was meant to be…..or so I thought

See, as I was growing many demons gave chase, I took off running for my life post haste
Could not do it, could not breathe, I was being attacked
They took hold of me tightly, and clung to my back..then kept digging
Till I could not take it, and then I gave in
To the point of being broken and living in sin
My life I tried to take it, in more ways than one
Everything I was given, taken. Joy? I was left with none
Made to believe I was stupid, a loser, and a waste
That I had no value behind my body and my face
And for years, I struggled to fight off these lies
Was consistently beat down, when I tried to rise
So much heartbreak and bitter poison, it filled up my cup
Enough tears to fill three oceans, things were never looking up
Nineteen years in the darkness, nineteen years filled with rage
Until the Sun finally broke through, in my life’s book a new page
A new chapter being written with successes, inspiration, and more
This is only the beginning of the greatness that is in store
For me NO MORE CRYING, NO MORE living in seemingly infinite pain
All the things I’ve survived were not endured in vain
So you see DON’T GIVE UP, and yes it’s OK to cry
but KEEP FIGHTING, KEEP PUSHING, spread your wings and then,

Be Strong and Take Courage