No one truly knows how much this means to me, when I was younger I destroyed my life and everything I was meant to be…..or so I thought

See, as I was growing many demons gave chase, I took off running for my life post haste
Could not do it, could not breathe, I was being attacked
They took hold of me tightly, and clung to my back..then kept digging
Till I could not take it, and then I gave in
To the point of being broken and living in sin
My life I tried to take it, in more ways than one
Everything I was given, taken. Joy? I was left with none
Made to believe I was stupid, a loser, and a waste
That I had no value behind my body and my face
And for years, I struggled to fight off these lies
Was consistently beat down, when I tried to rise
So much heartbreak and bitter poison, it filled up my cup
Enough tears to fill three oceans, things were never looking up
Nineteen years in the darkness, nineteen years filled with rage
Until the Sun finally broke through, in my life’s book a new page
A new chapter being written with successes, inspiration, and more
This is only the beginning of the greatness that is in store
For me NO MORE CRYING, NO MORE living in seemingly infinite pain
All the things I’ve survived were not endured in vain
So you see DON’T GIVE UP, and yes it’s OK to cry
but KEEP FIGHTING, KEEP PUSHING, spread your wings and then,

Be Strong and Take Courage


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