In a daze, left numb from an aching heart

As the last of the hurt leaves me



Is ringing loud, and from the world I slowly depart 

While all the things that used to, no longer please me



They say it heals all wounds

But I know better than to believe them



Gained can enhance a life’s tune

But when its lost, one can become unhemmed



Crying so much that tears could cause a monsoon?

Reclaim your dreams and then……realize…


Even though you may be FROZEN within ugly TRUTHS, I urge you not to lose FAITH in you

Life will move on and in TIME you’ll be strong, and you will learn who are by what you do

Hold your head high, wipe the tears from your eyes and take part in your life’s REDEMPTION

And when you know you are right don’t be afraid to fight, or make heard your every contention

Copyright © Grae 1999


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