Ye of Little Faith Blooper Finale


Ye of Little Faith Blooper Finale

So close to completion guys keep a lookout for the film coming May 22. Thanks for all the support!


Just When You think It’s Safe…


Just When You think It's Safe...

Hello Everyone, well I have visited a few sets over the last few days for some major TV shows. Unfortunately, an Imp had followed me WOW, things broke like glasses across the room, or for instance during filming the final scene for my film Ye of Little Faith, I used my own car in a scene where a friend needed help with a ride because her vehicle broke down…well, what do you think happened? If you guessed my car indeed broke down after filming YOU GUESSED RIGHT!! lol My water pump went out and spewed antifreeze everywhere.. ahhh what an enchanted life, right? It truly is, because you see, as all this bizarre stuff began to happen around me and to me, I realized that something was out to steal my newfound and slowly attained peace and joy. Tests…each one of these mishaps, designed to throw me off balance, make me give up, and send me back into sadness. Well, challenges and obstacles..I have something to tell you in the words of Cypress Hill, “I ain’t going out like that!!” So maybe you should give up..just saying.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.




March 9, 2012 at 9:59pm

Come with me, my Love, and let us float upOn an endless night sky
The moon is shining on us from aboVe, and my heart it continues to fly
The night is our and our story’s just bEgun and oh what a story it will be
For here in our world within us Is the Sun, gleaming bright for all to see
Soar with me, wonderment oF mine, and continue to stay by my side
Your wings give off the breeze I need tO always be in your stride

And youR love has carried me to heights I’ve never known beforE
I now View this life quite differently and I couldn’t ask for more

Please rEad this again and understand you make me happier than eveR
and if you have any doubt of my love, you’ll find that my…(read all BOLD letters).

Poetry COPYRIGHT by GRAE 2012
ART COPYRIGHT by Mark Hadley

Ye of Little Faith Blooper pt 2


Ye of Little Faith Blooper pt 2

Please join us on Facebook for updates on the progress and release of Ye of Little Faith, this movie is a family friendly film about renewed faith and learning to love yourself. I created this film to dedicate to my mother just for being the wonderful woman she is and never giving up on me and teaching me of God’s love and reminding me of both hers and his love for me throughout the most trying times of my life and every day.

Ye of Little Faith BLOOPERS pt 1


Ye of Little Faith BLOOPERS pt 1

Mercy me, I have been a busy little bee, I really can’t believe my film is almost complete! Just thought I would stop by and share a couple blooper reels with you all here. Hope all is well!!