Ye of Little Faith the movie RELEASED


Ye of Little Faith the movie RELEASED

A film and gift created by a daughter, inspired by her mother’s amazing love and wisdom. In acknowledgment of a beloved and missed father. That carries an inspirational message for all.

Synopsis: Struggling with pain both emotionally and physically, Charlotte becomes lost and feels as if God has abandoned her, but through the love and wisdom of her mother, Dorothy, and the caring of her best friend, Jackie and a prayer group. Charlotte finds the hope and strength to smile again.

Starring: Grae Marino, Krystle McMullan, Wendell Kinney, Avis-Marie Barnes (as the voice of Dorothy), Kelly Weaver, Bonnie Cobb, Meka, Mina Ownlee, Amy Rinaldo, MaKaylee Rinaldo, Mike Horne, Courtney Renee, and Isabel De La Cruz



Ye of Little Faith the movie



Ye of Little Faith the movie

I am embarking upon a journey to create my first film, it is a short film that I am dedicating to my mother for her years of selflessness, love, forgiveness, patience, and her unfailing faith in Christ that I believe has kept me alive to this day!  So this film will be about how her love and the beliefs she has raised me with has helped make me the person I am today. It is a thank you to her for everything she is and does and continues to do for me and my siblings everyday. Forever, uplifting her love has set me soaring!


Charlotte is a woman that is daily tormented with pain emotionally, physically, and spiritually, who seems to feel God has given up on her and later finds that he has been there all along and that all she needed to do was ASK for help in her circumstances, SEEK the Lord out, and KNOCK at his door and he would be lovingly waiting on the other side. Through her mother, best friend, and a prayer group she is shown love everlasting and acceptance and given hope.