To the Child that Inspired Me and The Woman that She Grew to Be


To the Child that Inspired Me and The Woman that She Grew to Be

My Heart cannot even express how much it hurts today, when I found out that your amazing flame has gone out and you were on your way

On your way home to rest in peace one of the last bits of purity in the world, once a rounded faced precious cherub with a head full of soft curls

You brought happiness to millions when there was none in sight, your talent was intoxicating but the light you shared was more bright

A natural you were so caring and so free, I remember when I first watched you I was probably only 3

My father propped me on his lap and gave me a little kiss, I would laugh when you gave a pout and say “Daddy, I want to do this.”

I want to make people smile and brighten up their day, I want to use my talents to make everything ok

The passion was always there but you brought it out of me, with every little flick of your wrist and that dimple in your cheek

So happy you can still inspire many, even though you have reach your final stop, you are on your way home and never alone on the Good Ship Lollipop

You grew into a wonderful woman your compassion utterly flawless, for me it just wasn’t about the young you I really thought you were the best (still do)

I know millions feel this way to each of us you were something much more, but now we say “goodnight” to your life’s brilliant light
As you continue to soar…

You will be TERRIBLY MISSED. Thank you for giving this once small child a hope and passion that burns so deeply. Thank you for the memories of my father watching you with me. Thank you for the inspiration of your determination and strength when the World turned its back on you and carrying on with a smile on your face during everything you do. Thank you for being a beacon of happiness, integrity, and pure kindness. No one will ever be able to compare.

Sleep Peacefully Mrs. Shirley Temple (Black)