March 9, 2012 at 9:59pm

Come with me, my Love, and let us float upOn an endless night sky
The moon is shining on us from aboVe, and my heart it continues to fly
The night is our and our story’s just bEgun and oh what a story it will be
For here in our world within us Is the Sun, gleaming bright for all to see
Soar with me, wonderment oF mine, and continue to stay by my side
Your wings give off the breeze I need tO always be in your stride

And youR love has carried me to heights I’ve never known beforE
I now View this life quite differently and I couldn’t ask for more

Please rEad this again and understand you make me happier than eveR
and if you have any doubt of my love, you’ll find that my…(read all BOLD letters).

Poetry COPYRIGHT by GRAE 2012
ART COPYRIGHT by Mark Hadley





In a daze, left numb from an aching heart

As the last of the hurt leaves me



Is ringing loud, and from the world I slowly depart 

While all the things that used to, no longer please me



They say it heals all wounds

But I know better than to believe them



Gained can enhance a life’s tune

But when its lost, one can become unhemmed



Crying so much that tears could cause a monsoon?

Reclaim your dreams and then……realize…


Even though you may be FROZEN within ugly TRUTHS, I urge you not to lose FAITH in you

Life will move on and in TIME you’ll be strong, and you will learn who are by what you do

Hold your head high, wipe the tears from your eyes and take part in your life’s REDEMPTION

And when you know you are right don’t be afraid to fight, or make heard your every contention

Copyright © Grae 1999



No one truly knows how much this means to me, when I was younger I destroyed my life and everything I was meant to be…..or so I thought

See, as I was growing many demons gave chase, I took off running for my life post haste
Could not do it, could not breathe, I was being attacked
They took hold of me tightly, and clung to my back..then kept digging
Till I could not take it, and then I gave in
To the point of being broken and living in sin
My life I tried to take it, in more ways than one
Everything I was given, taken. Joy? I was left with none
Made to believe I was stupid, a loser, and a waste
That I had no value behind my body and my face
And for years, I struggled to fight off these lies
Was consistently beat down, when I tried to rise
So much heartbreak and bitter poison, it filled up my cup
Enough tears to fill three oceans, things were never looking up
Nineteen years in the darkness, nineteen years filled with rage
Until the Sun finally broke through, in my life’s book a new page
A new chapter being written with successes, inspiration, and more
This is only the beginning of the greatness that is in store
For me NO MORE CRYING, NO MORE living in seemingly infinite pain
All the things I’ve survived were not endured in vain
So you see DON’T GIVE UP, and yes it’s OK to cry
but KEEP FIGHTING, KEEP PUSHING, spread your wings and then,

Be Strong and Take Courage



Bearing down on thy weary heart, the troubles that are placed on thee

Feeling stuck and don’t know where to start, forever eating at you and me

Work their way in to make one sick, and the sick only get sicker

Physicians and scientists say they have a fix; then death only comes much quicker

Crushing down on thy breaking heart, suffering as you please

Within the mind true healing starts, and will take away that disease

Copyright © Grae 2011

I Wonder


I Wonder

I wonder what would happen if we all stopped in our tracks, did absolutely nothing and took a few steps back.

Would we be satisfied with what we are seeing, would it soothe our restless souls or would it send you fleeing?

I wonder what would happen if we stopped living in our own dream and realized the problems around us that we ourselves are creating.

We have freedom of expression but the care it is not there, we are damning our own children and for them it is not fair.

Do we really have to wait to see the damage being done, before we open up our eyes and witness the demise of the Sun?

I wonder what would happen if the whole human race begun to care, because until that starts to happen nothing but death is in the air.

Do you want a tomorrow to be there, that choice is up to me and you, we were put on the Earth to tend and care, but look what we are putting it through.

We are killing off each other and those in power are trying to deceive,  

About how serious the danger everyone is in and in their decisions we have to believe

They say they know what is best for us, we should know that for ourselves

Or are we going to idly stand by, and watch the food be stripped from more shelves?

Cancer is growing common, the mentally ill are becoming sicker, the world is up to its neck in quicksand and it only seems to be getting thicker

I wonder what would happen if an awakening finally kicked in, would we be able to fix all that is wrong, before this world could meet its end?