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Grae Marino this week's Featured Talent at East Hollywood Pictures





Dreams do not materialize by skill & hope alone, hope creates a path, courage sets things in motion, determination propels motivation, choice determines direction, and your amount of belief, passion, persistence, and strength in each of them gets you to a destination. You have all the tools you need, where are you going to go?

The Fool


The Fool

“I’m awake”…but yet, I seem to be falling, falling fast into
an endless dream

The stars above gleaming brightly, individually, as if
giving me a path that was written in the skies for me to follow

The moon burning bright, steadily stalking me, as if to
shout out, “I am here too.” pining for my attention.

My journey upon the silver sands beneath my feet in this
ceaseless of sky, comes to a halt when up ahead in the distance I see a shadow
darting behind a tree

The stars are guiding me to it, yet the moon, begs me to
stay focused on it, my mind hazy and curious from not knowing if this is real or just a fantasy

“I’m awake”, I tell myself, but still I am not certain and
my questioning mind gets the best of me

The Moon begs even louder this time “TURN YOUR EYES UNTO ME


Even though my head is telling me to listen, my heart says


THUS, my foolishness gets the best of me.

The fool I am continues to say “I’m awake,” as I get closer
and closer to the shadow before me well hidden in the small forest just ahead,

A calm breeze blows through, as if giggling at my inanity

As I soon happen upon the edge of the patch of a forest,
when the shadow reaches out for me and I begin to scream “I’M AWAKE!”

Suddenly, my eyes snap to and I can see the truth as to what is really happening, although it is too late, as I am already in the midst of stepping….right off the edge….of a cliff

Copyright © Grae 2011

Just When You think It’s Safe…


Just When You think It's Safe...

Hello Everyone, well I have visited a few sets over the last few days for some major TV shows. Unfortunately, an Imp had followed me WOW, things broke like glasses across the room, or for instance during filming the final scene for my film Ye of Little Faith, I used my own car in a scene where a friend needed help with a ride because her vehicle broke down…well, what do you think happened? If you guessed my car indeed broke down after filming YOU GUESSED RIGHT!! lol My water pump went out and spewed antifreeze everywhere.. ahhh what an enchanted life, right? It truly is, because you see, as all this bizarre stuff began to happen around me and to me, I realized that something was out to steal my newfound and slowly attained peace and joy. Tests…each one of these mishaps, designed to throw me off balance, make me give up, and send me back into sadness. Well, challenges and obstacles..I have something to tell you in the words of Cypress Hill, “I ain’t going out like that!!” So maybe you should give up..just saying.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.




March 9, 2012 at 9:59pm

Come with me, my Love, and let us float upOn an endless night sky
The moon is shining on us from aboVe, and my heart it continues to fly
The night is our and our story’s just bEgun and oh what a story it will be
For here in our world within us Is the Sun, gleaming bright for all to see
Soar with me, wonderment oF mine, and continue to stay by my side
Your wings give off the breeze I need tO always be in your stride

And youR love has carried me to heights I’ve never known beforE
I now View this life quite differently and I couldn’t ask for more

Please rEad this again and understand you make me happier than eveR
and if you have any doubt of my love, you’ll find that my…(read all BOLD letters).

Poetry COPYRIGHT by GRAE 2012
ART COPYRIGHT by Mark Hadley

To the Child that Inspired Me and The Woman that She Grew to Be


To the Child that Inspired Me and The Woman that She Grew to Be

My Heart cannot even express how much it hurts today, when I found out that your amazing flame has gone out and you were on your way

On your way home to rest in peace one of the last bits of purity in the world, once a rounded faced precious cherub with a head full of soft curls

You brought happiness to millions when there was none in sight, your talent was intoxicating but the light you shared was more bright

A natural you were so caring and so free, I remember when I first watched you I was probably only 3

My father propped me on his lap and gave me a little kiss, I would laugh when you gave a pout and say “Daddy, I want to do this.”

I want to make people smile and brighten up their day, I want to use my talents to make everything ok

The passion was always there but you brought it out of me, with every little flick of your wrist and that dimple in your cheek

So happy you can still inspire many, even though you have reach your final stop, you are on your way home and never alone on the Good Ship Lollipop

You grew into a wonderful woman your compassion utterly flawless, for me it just wasn’t about the young you I really thought you were the best (still do)

I know millions feel this way to each of us you were something much more, but now we say “goodnight” to your life’s brilliant light
As you continue to soar…

You will be TERRIBLY MISSED. Thank you for giving this once small child a hope and passion that burns so deeply. Thank you for the memories of my father watching you with me. Thank you for the inspiration of your determination and strength when the World turned its back on you and carrying on with a smile on your face during everything you do. Thank you for being a beacon of happiness, integrity, and pure kindness. No one will ever be able to compare.

Sleep Peacefully Mrs. Shirley Temple (Black)